In-Depth with the C500 MKII: Part 1

The Canon C500 MKII is the impressive new camera in the Cinema EOS line. It touts a 5.9K Full Frame sensor with internal 12-bit CinemaRAW Light recording, an expandable modular design, better slow motion, interchangeable lens mounts and much, much more in a small, compact size. There is so much to talk about with this […]

In-Depth with the C500 MKII: Part 2

Welcome back to In-Depth with the C500 MKII. In this post, I will be going over the internal specifications of the camera. This post will look at most of the main features of the camera, as well as show you how to get your camera set up and ready for a shoot. If you are […]

In-Depth with the C500 MKII: Part 3

Welcome back to “In-Depth with the C500 MKII” blog post series. In this post, I will be covering footage analysis. If you haven’t checked out the rest of the series, I highly recommend starting with Part 1, where I outline all the topics covered from beginning to end. Scaling Sharpness Since the C500 MKII has […]

In-Depth with the C500 MKII: Part 4

Welcome to the final installment of the “In-Depth with the C500 MKII” series. Now that we’ve gone over the outer and inner workings of the camera, it’s time to see what to do with all this footage in post. Working with Cinema RAW Light Canon’s Cinema RAW Light works a little differently from other RAW […]

Canon C300 MKII: First Look at the new Canon Log 3 Gamma

Introduction Isn’t it amazing how time flies?! It’s been nine months to the day since I posted my initial reviews of the Canon C300 MKII: Part I and Part II. I’ve gotten so much great feedback from people as they started playing around with the camera, so I wanted to continue the conversation with my […]

Canon DLC: Brooklynphono Series

I had the pleasure of working with the Canon Digital Learning Center and Jem Schofield on a series with the Canon C300 MKII. We shot a short documentary about Brooklynphono in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, and broke down working with the C300 MKII in a documentary environment. Check out the entire series here.

Canon C300 MKII Review: Part 2

INTRODUCTION Canon introduced some pretty amazing specs into their new camera. With the ability to record HD, 2K, UHD, and 4K internally up to RGB444 12-bit, you can be sure the camera will be up to any challenge. But at the core, what really matters is not only the resolution, but how the camera interprets […]

Canon C300 MKII Review: Part 1

Introduction I’m very excited to share my thoughts of the new Canon C300 MK II with you. I was lucky enough to receive my camera early, so I hit the ground running! I’ve shot handheld verite, sit-down interviews, stylized recreations, and even some wooden sailboat restoration in Newport, RI over the last few weeks. There’s been a […]