Behind the Lens: Fujinon Cabrio 19-90

Go in-depth with the Fujinon Cabrio 19-90mm, a lightweight option to their impressive Premier line of cinema lenses. Read this post here, or see all the posts in the Behind the Lens series at AbelCine or

Behind the Lens: Zeiss LWZ.3 21-100

In this post, we look at the Zeiss LWZ.3 21-100, a lightweight, long zoom range addition to the Zeiss Compact Zoom line. You can find this post, as well as all the others in the Behind the Lens series at AbelCine or

Behind the Lens: Canon CN-E 15.5-47 & 30-105

In this post, we test the Canon CN-E Compact Zooms: 15.5-47 and 30-105. Get a detailed look at the various tests we put the lenses through to see when and how they best perform with AbelCine’s Behind the Lens: Canon CN-E 15.5-47 & 30-105 Compact Zooms.

Behind the Lens: A Look at Documentary Zooms

I have been wanting to conduct a documentary lens test for quite some time now. We tend to get stuck working with the same lenses we always use, whether its because we own them, or its just easier to keep renting the same ones over and over. I was lucky enough to partner with AbelCine […]

Canon C300 MKII: First Look at the new Canon Log 3 Gamma

Introduction Isn’t it amazing how time flies?! It’s been nine months to the day since I posted my initial reviews of the Canon C300 MKII: Part I and Part II. I’ve gotten so much great feedback from people as they started playing around with the camera, so I wanted to continue the conversation with my […]

Canon DLC: Brooklynphono Series

I had the pleasure of working with the Canon Digital Learning Center and Jem Schofield on a series with the Canon C300 MKII. We shot a short documentary about Brooklynphono in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, and broke down working with the C300 MKII in a documentary environment. Check out the entire series here.

International Travel Info

I have been traveling for work for many years. Whenever I’m prepping to leave, a list of questions always seems to come up. What kind of plug adapters do I need, and do I also need a voltage converter? Is this a carnet country? What currency do they have? What’s the exchange rate?   Previously, […]

Canon C300 MKII Review: Part 2

INTRODUCTION Canon introduced some pretty amazing specs into their new camera. With the ability to record HD, 2K, UHD, and 4K internally up to RGB444 12-bit, you can be sure the camera will be up to any challenge. But at the core, what really matters is not only the resolution, but how the camera interprets […]